Who we are

Catch22 is a group set up by five jazz enthusiasts in the Netherlands.
Christian (saxes) (born in Vienna, Austria) is ecologist but wherever he lived and worked (Vienna, Austria; Munich and Berlin, Germany; Villahermosa, Mexico; Wageningen, Netherlands) he managed to be member in a jazz band. Besides Catch22 he currently plays with De Mannetjes
Peter (git), born in de Noordoostpolder (Netherlands), grew up with music from his early youth and studied pop and jazz at the conservatorium of Rotterdam. After finishing, he changed his profession and is now researcher on water quality at Wageningen University. He also plays in de bigband Sound Of Science.
Eric (p) studied at Wageningen University, where he fell in love with Jazz and practiced on his keyboards till dawn... Since then, he never has stopped and has been performing in various bands, including bigbands and currently De Mannetjes.
Koen (b) built a bass guitar at the age of 18, took it to a jazz workshop in Wageningen and since there was no bass player yet..... He, too, is a Mannetje. Living opposite the music school in his home town,
Paul (dr) grew up learning to read music before reading words. He started off on the electric organ but replaced it by a drumkit later to be able to release his superfluous energy. In his playing, you can sometimes still hear the influence of rock drummers like John Bonham and Neil Peart, but Paul has grown into a more experimental and dynamic drummer over the years.

Recent recordings (January 2018)

Beyond (Christian Kampichler)
Capivara (Hermeto Pascoal)
Don't Forget the Poet (Enrico Pieranunzi)
Heard in the Scene (Heleen van den Hombergh, Eric de Zeeuw, Koen Boschman)
Regentag (Christian Kampichler)
The Dream (Christian Kampichler)
Wen-Kam-Do (Christian Kampichler)

Earlier recordings (December 2015)
with Christian Kampichler (sax), Jelmer van Veen (keyb), Henk Hoogedoorn (b), Paul van Asseldonk (dr)

Sea of Green (Hannes Laszakovits)
Norwegian Wood (John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Jake Reichbart)
Strasbourg St. Denis (Roy Hargrove)
Winter Walk (Christian Kampichler)
Dolphin Dance (Herbie Hancock)
Girl Talk (Neal Hefti)
Easy (Christian Kampichler)

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